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Malaysia SIRIM PCS/PCL Certificate is no Longer Accepted by Overseas Factories or Manufacturers



Malaysia SIRIM PCS/PCL Certificate is no Longer Accepted by Overseas Factories or Manufacturers.

Recently, there have been some changes in the operation of ST/SIRIM certification in order to align with the original regulations.

The certificate holder of CoA and PCL (Product Certification License) / PCS (Product Certification Scheme) must be a local importer in Malaysia. (Previously PCL/PCS licenses could be held by factories/manufacturers).

SIRIM is now no longer accepting new or renewal applications for PCL/PCS where the applicant is not the actual importer.

All PCL/PCS certificates previously held in the name of overseas factories/manufacturers will not be able to be renewed after expiration and need to be re-applied in the name of the importer.

Therefore, for all new applications, each importer must apply for a PCL/PCS license held in its own name, and can no longer use a license in the name of the manufacturer/factory (as that form no longer exists).

On July 13, 2022, SIRIM Malaysia officially released an announcement on the transfer of ownership by overseas company holders of PCS/PCL product certificates.

According to Regulation 98 of the Electrical Equipment Approval Guidelines (GP/ST/No.14/2017) issued by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, PCL product certificates for products under ST control can only be issued to manufacturers or importers with valid CoA and CoR business. The PCL holder must be a company holding a valid CoR (Certificate of Registration) and CoA (Certificate of Approval), and the company name and address on the PCL certificate should be consistent with the ST CoA. Therefore, for ST regulated products, the licensee of ST CoA and the licensee of PCL must be the same.

Therefore, overseas licensees of SIRM PCL product certificates for all ST regulated products should ensure that their licenses are held by local companies in Malaysia in order to meet ST requirements. SIRIM-ST labels will not be issued to companies without a valid ST CoR and CoA.

SIRIM recommends that the ownership of the PCL product certificate be transferred from the overseas licensee to the ST CoA licensee (local agent) if the following conditions are met.

The transfer of ownership is subject to mutual consent, i.e. the overseas licensee and the ST CoA licensee (local agent).

ST CoA holders should have physical proof of legal person, such as SSM certificate or local official license, to ensure the validity of the physical site.

The number of new PCL licenses for transfer of ownership shall be based on ST CoA licensees in the same license.

Transferred new license fees are charged per license and should be paid upon submission of a change of title application.

The announcement is effective immediately, and SIRIM recommends that applications for transfer of ownership be submitted by November 2022.

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