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With the popularization of household appliances, household appliances have entered thousands of households as essential items. The safety issues of household appliances have attracted widespread attention. In order to protect the personal safety of users, improve the quality and safety performance of electrical products, the relevant compliance requirements of various countries or regions are also increasing. Electrical product safety certification has become the most basic entry threshold for various types of household appliances to enter the global market.


Jiayu Testing can provide one-stop testing and certification services for various consumer electronic products sold to countries around the world, such as wireless communication products, smart wearable products, smart home products, home appliances, information technology products, audio and video products, lighting products, component products, etc., to ensure that the quality and safety of products meet international or national standard requirements.


Jiayu Testing is equipped with multiple laboratories with international advanced equipment and complete testing functions, such as safety regulations laboratory, EMC laboratory (shielded room, 3-meter anechoic chamber, anti-interference measurement room), enthalpy difference laboratory, parts laboratory, chemical laboratory, etc. The laboratory is strictly constructed and managed in accordance with international standards, and has been recognized by CNAS, CMA, and CBTL. It has advanced and precise testing instruments and equipment, Equipped with a highly skilled professional technical team, the testing reports issued have authority and international credibility, helping enterprises smoothly enter the international market.


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