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With the rapid development of automobile technology, the high-tech characteristics of automobile maintenance are increasingly presented, and at the same time, the concept of automobile maintenance is constantly updated. As people pay more attention to the issue of automobile safety, new requirements are constantly put forward for automobile inspection, thus continuously promoting the development of the automobile inspection and maintenance market.
Vehicle inspection is an inspection to determine the technical condition or working ability of the vehicle. During the use of the car, with the prolongation of the use time (or the increase of the mileage), its parts gradually wear, corrode, deform, age, and the lubricating oil deteriorates, etc., resulting in the larger clearance of the matching pair, causing loose movement and vibration. , noise and air leakage, water leakage, oil leakage, etc., resulting in a decline in the technical performance of the car. In order to cooperate with the automobile inspection work, the national standards, industry standards and metrological verification regulations on automobile inspection have been issued and implemented in China. From the construction of the vehicle comprehensive performance testing station to the specific testing items for vehicle testing, there are basically laws to follow.


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