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Textiles are something that is close to our body, and our clothes are made of textile fabrics. Textiles that are often in direct contact with human skin are the "second skin" for the human body to adapt to natural changes, and the "first guard" for maintaining survival and health. Therefore, safe and reliable products are crucial to human health. Textile pollution should not be underestimated.
With the increasingly strict requirements for textile safety in domestic and international markets, how to ensure product quality is a difficult problem faced by textile enterprises. Textile and clothing products can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and people from all walks of life are highly concerned about the residues of harmful substances in textiles and clothing. Therefore, products that pass the detection of harmful substances in textiles are more likely to be recognized by consumers. Jiayu Testing can provide comprehensive environmental protection textile chemical testing to ensure that textile products can meet the global restrictions on various hazardous chemical substances.



The detection of harmful substances in textiles is to detect the fabrics of textiles by using some methods, mainly to detect the chemical characteristics and chemical properties of textiles, and to analyze the composition and content of its chemical components to judge whether the textiles are safe. There are many opportunities for textiles and clothing to be contaminated during the entire production process. These residual chemical substances will be continuously released during the use of textiles, causing various harm to the human body.


◈(2)State control

International: International Ecological Textile Standard OeKo-Tex Standard100
European Union: Directive 76/769/EEC on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances and its amendments (incorporated into REACH regulation in 2009), Directive 2002/371/EC on Ecolabelling of Textile Products
United States: Consumer Goods Improvement Act CPSIA
Canada: Consumer Product Safety Act CCPSA
China: GB 18401 "National Basic Safety Technical Requirements for Textiles", GB 31701 "Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products for Infants and Children", and recommended standards GB/T 18885 "Technical Requirements for Ecological Textiles", GB/T 22282 "Textile Fibers" Limits of Toxic and Hazardous Substances



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