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Australia Releases the Latest Version of AS/NZS 62368.1:2022!



Australia has finally published "Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment, Part 1: Safety requirements" AS/NZS 62368.1:2022 and will be enforced on 24 June 2025.

4 years after the publication of AS/NZS 62368.1:2018, Australia has finally published Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment, Part 1: Safety requirements, AS/NZS 62368.1:2022, published on 24 June 2022 , and will be enforced after 3 years (June 24, 2025).

Both AS/NZS 62368.1:2018 and AS/NZS 62368.1:2022 will be valid during the transition period until 24 June 2025, after which AS/NZS 62368.1:2018 will be superseded.


Australian official website link:


The latest version of AS/NZS 62368.1:2022 corresponds to the third edition of IEC 62368-1:2018. The IECEE official website also announced the Australian national differences of AS/NZS 62368.1:2022 based on IEC 62368-1:2018 for CB certification.


IECEE official website link:

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