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How to prevent safety hazards in waste gas treatment facilities?



How to prevent safety hazards in waste gas treatment facilities?

With the gradual tightening of environmental policies, the safety of environmental protection facilities has become an important risk faced by most industrial enterprises, especially the explosion-proof safety of exhaust VOCs device systems, such as RTO and other incineration devices. RTO is less prone to fire and explosion accidents under normal operating conditions. However, due to the complex and variable composition of exhaust gas and large concentration fluctuations, it is easy to cause poor operational stability of the incinerator, posing certain safety hazards.


Safety precautions for RTO fire and explosion accidents

1. Fully identify risks.

When collecting different exhaust gases in a mixed and centralized manner, risk analysis should be conducted on the mutual influence between various exhaust gases to clarify the hazardous characteristics of the exhaust gases. Identify and test the composition, danger, explosion limit, flash point, ignition point, etc. of exhaust gas, comprehensively grasp the safety risks of exhaust gas, and avoid reactions. For complex exhaust gas components, safety analysis should be conducted, such as HAZOP analysis, and corresponding safety measures should be taken.


2. Optimize the collection system.

Standardize the design of the suction hood and fan selection, and coordinate the planning of the waste gas collection pipeline to form a collection and treatment system consisting of branch pipes, main pipes, treatment devices, and main exhaust outlets to ensure the effectiveness of waste gas collection. Reasonable selection of relevant equipment and materials can be achieved by setting buffer tanks, adjusting air flow and other pre-treatment facilities, and strictly controlling the concentration and flow rate of organic matter at the inlet of the RTO furnace to ensure relatively stable and safe operation.  


3. Gradually evolving scientific debugging.

When debugging the RTO furnace, it is necessary to first conduct no-load debugging. After the no-load debugging is stable, low concentration organic waste gas can be gradually connected, such as the waste gas collected by covering the enterprise sewage pool, workshop air exchange waste gas, etc. Finally, high concentration waste gas can be gradually connected. At the same time, the emission flow and concentration of the high concentration waste gas to be connected should be tested.


4. Install an online monitoring system and set up an electronic control system operation room.

The RTO furnace purification treatment system is a highly integrated human-machine equipment. Although it has a high degree of automation, it must be maintained and managed by dedicated personnel. For example, before an explosion occurs in the RTO furnace, the concentration of organic matter often increases rapidly in a short period of time. At this time, if there is a human value code in the system, a warning can be issued in advance and necessary measures can be taken to avoid accidents; At the same time, an online monitoring system for TVOC concentration is installed for the tail gas of each RTO system, providing necessary data support for enterprise management.


Precautions in the design of spray towers

1. The structural design of the purification device and the selection of purification medium should be reasonable, and the purification medium should not generate other toxic and harmful substances after contact with the exhaust gas.

2. If it is necessary to add medication to the spray tower, choose whether to adopt automatic dosing method based on the nature of the added substance. If the added substance has a certain degree of toxicity, automatic dosing must be used and the entire dosing process requires closed control, without leakage.

3. The basic configuration of the exhaust gas purification tower includes a window and maintenance manhole, an inlet flange, an outlet flange, a washing solution inlet, an overflow port, a drainage port, fillers, a circulating water pump, a circulating water filter screen, a circulating water pipeline, and a sprinkler nozzle; The windows, maintenance manholes, and overflow ports need to be retained for easy inspection and maintenance.

4. The exhaust gas purification tower should be able to automatically detect the pH value, regularly replace the spray solution, and ensure the effectiveness of exhaust gas treatment. The entire system has no running, emitting, dripping, or leaking phenomena.

5. All metal structure surfaces of the purification device should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment.


Common safety issues in organic waste gas treatment facilities

1. UV photolysis, low-temperature plasma and other facilities are directly connected to the water spray without moisture-proof treatment, which has potential Electrical safety hazards.

2. Some facilities use axial flow fans, with belt drives placed inside the pipeline and directly in contact with organic waste gas. The heat generated by friction during high-speed transmission can easily become a source of ignition and trigger a fire.

3. The facilities did not install flame arrester or fire dampers in the pipes between the equipment main body and the plant. In addition, due to the lack of cleaning and maintenance, a large amount of organic solvent paint slag accumulated in the pipes, which would easily cause a fire in case of a fire.

4. Insufficient emergency facilities, lack of outdoor fire hydrants, lack of fire hoses and water guns, making it difficult to respond promptly in emergency situations.  


How can enterprises prevent safety hazards in organic waste gas treatment facilities?

1. Improve the collection efficiency of paint exhaust gas and reduce safety risks in the paint booth. The paint spraying room must be separated separately and operated in a closed manner. Explosion proof electrical equipment must be used inside the room.

2. Strengthen the pre-treatment of organic waste gas and do a good job in gas residue separation. An efficient water curtain machine should be used to ensure that the vast majority of dust and paint residue in the paint exhaust gas are efficiently treated in the water curtain machine, and a dedicated paint residue cleaning plate and groove must be installed after the efficient water curtain machine.

3. Improve the treatment process of organic waste gas. It is recommended to eliminate processing equipment with safety hazards such as low-temperature plasma and UV photolysis facilities that do not meet safety standards. Based on our own production practice, it is recommended to increase the capacity of the adsorption box if activated carbon adsorption is used; For saturated activated carbon, an offline catalytic combustion device should be constructed and installed for desorption regeneration or other methods of treatment while ensuring safety.

4. The operation and maintenance of equipment must be done well. A dedicated person should be arranged to be responsible for cleaning the paint residue of the water curtain machine, spray tower, and UV photolysis box, strengthening the cleaning of waste gas transmission pipelines and the frequency of replacement of spray wastewater. It is necessary to do a good job in operation and maintenance, establish a management ledger for the operation of organic waste gas treatment facilities, and establish a third-party regular maintenance mechanism. Maintain and repair the purification device, replace activated carbon, operate the facilities, and keep relevant records. The retention period of the records shall not be less than 5 years.

5. Consciously increase efforts to investigate fire safety hazards. Install fire hydrants and other fire-fighting equipment near the VOCs equipment on the roof for easy rescue use; It is recommended to install a fire damper at the location where the pipeline is connected to the indoor area to prevent flames from spreading indoors; Regularly carry out fire emergency drills.


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