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The European Union has issued Resolution (EU) 2023/1338 to regulate the safety of children's products and related products



The European Union has issued Resolution (EU) 2023/1338 to regulate the safety of children's products and related products, which came into effect on July 20, 2023.

Recently, the European Commission released Resolution (EU) 2023/1338 in its official gazette, which sets out safety requirements for certain children's products and related products, effective July 20, 2023. Children's products such as toys, baby bottles, and baby strollers already have corresponding coordinated standards (EN71 series, EN14350, EN1888, etc.), meeting these coordinated standards and other EU chemical control requirements can meet the requirements of (EU) Resolution 2023/1338. Other children's products that currently do not have relevant product standards, such as children's toilets and step stools, also need to meet the relevant requirements of (EU) Resolution 2023/1338.


Scope of Controlled Products under Resolution (EU) 2023/1338

(a) Children's products for children to wear;
(b) Children's products aimed at promoting or protecting seating function, sleep function, bathing function, body care, relaxation, transportation, and early education;
(c) Children's products designed to facilitate children's eating, drinking, or sucking;
(d) Children's products that have one or more of the above functions and also have one or several other functions;
(e) Products related to children's products, including the following:
(i) Products and accessories specifically designed for use in children's products mentioned in points (a) to (d) above, or used in conjunction with these children's products.
(ii) Products that are used, installed, or assembled by adults and are accessible to or provide protective functions for children.


(EU) Resolution 2023/1338 on Basic Requirements for Certain Children's Products and Related Products

Chemical hazards, thermal hazards, flammable hazards, pinch hazards, hazards from moving parts (including shear and cutting hazards), hazards from folding mechanisms, hazards from detachable components, hazards from opening and closing devices, hazards related to wheels, entanglement hazards, swallowing hazards, inhalation hazards, ingestion hazards, insertion and inhalation hazards, hazards from sharp edges and protrusions, hazards from structural integrity Hazards related to protective functions, hazards related to restraint systems, stability hazards, drop hazards, drowning hazards, electrical hazards, microbial hazards, acoustic hazards, radiation hazards, radioactive hazards, hygiene hazards, labeling hazards.


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