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India releases a new standard draft for plastic latex paint and solicits opinions



The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has officially announced a comprehensive revision of the current standards for plastic latex paint.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has officially announced that in November 2023, a comprehensive revision will be made to the current standards for plastic latex paint, and public opinions will be solicited. The deadline is January 10, 2024. The focus of this revision is to strengthen the restrictions on lead content and introduce for the first time restrictions on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aiming to better protect the environment and human health.


The first plastic latex paint standard:

This revised standard is based on two previously published standards: IS 5411 "Plastic Latex Paint: Part 1, for indoor use" and IS 5411 "Plastic Latex Paint: Part 2, for outdoor use". The previous standards considered the needs of different types of coatings, adjusted the drying time requirements for different types of coatings, and eliminated some additional optional requirements, such as coating ability and covering power.


First revision:

The purpose is to incorporate lead restrictions into the standard. Due to the widespread use of plastic latex paint for interior and exterior surface decoration of buildings, it may not be possible to produce it under low lead restrictions. Therefore, the committee has set a lead content limit of 300 ppm. This restriction aims to prevent dangerous exposure to lead and its long-term effects on health.


Second revision:

Intended to limit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint products, with a focus on their negative impacts on human health and the environment. When setting restrictions, consideration was given to the ability of manufacturers of different sizes to produce compliant products. The goal is to eliminate VOCs by promoting advanced technologies and processes. In addition, the limit on lead content has been reduced from the first revision of 300 ppm to 90 ppm. This revision also includes detailed regulations on the sampling and testing conditions of plastic latex paint used for surface protection and decoration of buildings, after surface treatment and primer.
The series of measures taken by BIS demonstrate its commitment to improving environmental protection and consumer health and safety, as well as its support and understanding of the manufacturing industry. BIS encourages the public to actively participate and provide feedback, jointly promoting a healthier and more sustainable future.


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