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Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation: Six types of products, including household appliances, failed quality spot checks



Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation: Six types of products, including household appliances, failed quality spot checks

        Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, in accordance with relevant regulations such as the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, the Guangdong Provincial Regulations on Product Quality Supervision, and the Interim Measures for Product Quality Supervision and Spot Check Management, has adhered to the guidance of discovering and solving problems to promote industry quality improvement. It has conducted quality supervision and spot checks on six types of products sold by operators in Guangdong Province, including lighting sources and lamps, household appliances, electronic products, network communication products, electrical accessories, wires and cables.

       After sampling inspection, 347 unqualified products were found, including 109 lighting sources and lamps (including 48 unqualified products on e-commerce platforms), 158 household appliances (including 103 unqualified products on e-commerce platforms), 47 electronic products (including 10 unqualified products on e-commerce platforms), 10 network communication products (including 8 unqualified products on e-commerce platforms), 4 electrical accessories, and 19 wires and cables.

Specific non-conforming items of the product

01 Unqualified items of lighting sources and lamps
        Structure (including photobiological hazards), protection against electric shock, insulation resistance and electrical strength, heat resistance, fire resistance and resistance to scratching, disturbance voltage, marking, harmonic current, external and internal wiring, creepage distance and electrical clearance, interchangeability, marking, grounding regulations, insulation resistance and dielectric strength after wet treatment, dust prevention, solid foreign object prevention and waterproofing, and light shielding.
02 Unqualified items of household appliances
         Noise, power connection and external soft wires, stability and mechanical hazards, continuous disturbance voltage, radiation disturbance, capacity, energy efficiency level, abnormal operation, grounding measures, disturbance power, protection against touching live parts, structure, input power and current, moisture resistance, mechanical strength, air performance (air volume, air pressure), leakage current and electrical strength at working temperature, leakage current and electrical strength, electrical clearance, creepage distance and solid insulation, heating, screws and connections, air volume.
03 Unqualified electronic product projects
          Electrical insulation, electrical gaps, creepage distance, direct insertion equipment, electrical strength, power terminal disturbance voltage, resistance to abnormal heat, radiation disturbance below 1GHz, contact current and protective conductor current, effective output capacity at room temperature, conversion efficiency, external short circuit at room temperature, free fall, overcharging, radio disturbance.
04 Network communication product unqualified projects
          Power terminal conduction continuous disturbance, electrical insulation, electrical clearance, creepage distance, conductor termination, resistance to abnormal heat, electrical strength, direct insertion equipment, radiation stray disturbance, radiation continuous disturbance.
05 Electrical Accessories Unqualified Items
           Heat resistance, creepage distance, electrical clearance, and distance through sealant.
06 Unqualified items of wires and cables
          Elongation at break after aging of insulated air oven, change rate of elongation at break after aging of insulated air oven, conductor resistance, elongation at break before insulation aging, bending test, average insulation thickness, non flame retardant test, thickness of the thinnest part of insulation, tensile strength before insulation aging, tensile strength after aging of insulated air oven, voltage test of insulated wire core, insulation resistance, insulation thermal shock test, bundle flame retardant performance.

           The list of unqualified products has been entered into the supervision and random inspection database, and public inquiries have been provided to the society through the "Yuepintong" quality service platform. The Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation has organized the market supervision department in its jurisdiction to lawfully carry out post processing work such as ordering correction and administrative penalties for unqualified products in supervision and spot checks. In accordance with the "Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation Product Quality Credit Classification Supervision Specification", the relevant product and its operator's dishonesty information will be entered into the quality credit file, and product quality credit classification supervision will be implemented. At the same time, it is required that the market supervision departments of relevant cities and regions with concentrated quality problems immediately organize and carry out special rectification, and effectively abide by the bottom line of quality and safety.
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