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It will be officially implemented on May 17th! 46 Saudi Arabian products will comply with new EMC regulations



It will be officially implemented on May 17th! 46 Saudi Arabian products will comply with new EMC regulations

According to the announcement on EMC technical regulations issued by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization SASO in November 2023, the new regulations will be officially implemented from May 17, 2024. This regulation requires all relevant product traders under the electromagnetic compatibility technology regulations to comply with the new regulations when applying for a product conformity certificate (PCoC) through the SABER platform.
      Specifically, traders need to submit two important technical documents as certification references:

One is the Supplier Compliance Declaration Form (SDOC),

The second is the EMC testing report issued by an accredited laboratory.
These two documents are crucial for proving the electromagnetic compatibility and compliance with relevant technical regulations of the product.

SDOC: A spontaneous statement accompanied by laboratory test reports, used to demonstrate that the product meets specific technical standards and requirements.

EMC testing report: issued by an accredited laboratory to demonstrate that the product's electromagnetic compatibility performance complies with relevant regulations and standards.

The latest regulations list 84 EMC standards and 46 corresponding customs codes for product categories. The products mentioned in the list must be declared in the market by suppliers in accordance with the requirements of this regulation before being exported to Saudi Arabia. Only by completing the required qualification assessment and self declaration process can we smoothly enter the Saudi market.

Please note that SASO is the body responsible for developing national standards for all daily necessities and products in Saudi Arabia, and its technical regulations and standards have mandatory binding force on Saudi Arabia's imported goods. Therefore, all electromagnetic compatibility products related to the Saudi Arabian market should strictly comply with this new regulation to ensure the smooth export and market access of the products.

In summary, for electromagnetic compatibility products exported to Saudi Arabia, starting from May 17, 2024, necessary documents such as SDOC and EMC testing reports must be submitted in accordance with the new regulations issued by SASO to ensure that the products comply with Saudi Arabia's technical regulations and standards.

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