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Popularization of Science | Essential DoC Compliance Declaration Document for the European Union



Popularization of Science | Essential DoC Compliance Declaration Document for the European Union

Recently, the European Union's TEMU platform has issued new regulations requiring CE controlled goods to provide DoC conformity declaration materials while uploading CE certification documents.

For non compliant products, TEMU will issue risk warnings to buyers, remove products, notify buyers or other relevant parties to destroy/return the products, etc; Amazon also requires relevant sellers to submit an EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) document, otherwise product links will be restricted from being taken down.













1、 Definition of DoC compliance documents

1. Definition

The EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC), as part of the conformity assessment process stipulated by the EU's unified legislation, is a declaration of conformity that manufacturers or their authorized representatives established within the EU must draft and sign.

DoC certification is a self declaration model in CE certification, which declares that its products meet all relevant product safety requirements before entering the European market. The DoC compliance declaration document is mandatory. In addition, the EU declaration of conformity needs to be translated into one or more languages required by the country/region where the product is sold.
2. Content requirements

The EU DOC document must include the following information:
(1) Name and complete address of manufacturer/authorized representative.
(2) Product serial number, model or model identification information.
(3) A statement that the manufacturer or authorized representative assumes full responsibility for product compliance.
(4) Traceable product identification methods may include product images or identification codes.
(5) The relevant laws that the product complies with and any standards or other methods used to prove its consistency.
(6) The name and signature of the manufacturer or authorized representative.
(7) The date of issuance of the declaration.
(8) If there is any supplementary information, it should also be included.

2、 Which products require DoC compliance documents

Usually, in the EU market, the production and sale of goods that require the CE safety certification mark require a declaration of conformity. Not only that, these products must first pass testing and complete technical documents to ensure their safety. Only after obtaining CE certification can they be produced and sold in the EU market. For sellers, the following products are mandatory to provide a declaration before they can be sold:
👉 Electronic goods
👉 Electric toys
👉 Battery/power supply
👉 charger
👉 Kitchen equipment
👉 Sunglasses
👉 Mechanical fitness equipment
👉 Lighting fixtures
👉 cosmetic

3、 The difference between DoC and CE

There is a significant difference between the EU DOC declaration of conformity and CE certification. The following is a detailed comparison:
1. Definition and nature:
CE certification: It is a mandatory product safety certification system implemented by EU countries, aimed at ensuring the safety of life and property of the people of EU countries. The CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark, and is the "main requirement" that constitutes the core of the European Directive. Regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open up and enter the European market.
DOC Declaration of Conformity: A declaration of conformity that must be drafted and signed by the manufacturer or its authorized representative established within the European Union, to demonstrate product compliance with EU government agencies, retailers, and consumers. It is a legal document in which the manufacturer formally declares that the product complies with the basic health, safety, and environmental requirements of the relevant directives.
2. Certification methods and responsibilities:
CE certification: It is a mandatory certification, and if a product is exported to the European Union without CE certification, it will be considered illegal. Manufacturers are fully responsible for the CE compliance of their products.
DOC conformity declaration: It is a document issued by the importer or manufacturer, and the manufacturer assumes full responsibility for the CE compliance of the product. If a self declaration method is not adopted, but is tested and certified by a designated body of the European Union, the enterprise does not need to issue a self declaration form, and the designated body is responsible for product compliance, which is protected by law.
3. Usage and recognition:
CE certification: It is a mandatory requirement under EU law for products, whether they are produced by internal enterprises within the EU or by other countries. In order to freely circulate in the EU market, the "CE" mark must be affixed.
DOC Declaration of Conformity: Although theoretically production enterprises can independently issue DOC declarations in accordance with EU format requirements, in the actual operation process, customs, purchasers, freight forwarders, etc. often recognize certificates issued by third parties to prove product compliance with European standards. Therefore, the DOC declaration of a company usually needs to be used in conjunction with other certificates (such as COC certificates).
4. Coverage:
CE certification: It covers the basic requirements of product safety, health, environmental protection, etc., and is a necessary condition for products to enter the EU market.
DOC Declaration of Conformity: It mainly focuses on whether the product complies with the basic health, safety, and environmental requirements of relevant directives, and is a self declaration by manufacturers regarding product compliance.

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