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       Occupational disease hazard factor detection and evaluation refer to the regular commissioning of qualified occupational health technical service institutions by employers to identify and test factors or conditions that may have adverse effects on the health, safety, and work ability of occupational populations in their workplaces during occupational activities, and to comprehensively evaluate the status of workplace health protection facilities and equipment, personal protective equipment, worker work conditions, and occupational disease hazard factor exposure.

Service items

        ■Special testing

        ■Pre evaluation of occupational hazards in construction projects
        ■Regular testing

        ■Evaluation of occupational disease hazard control effect in construction projects
        ■Supervision and testing

        ■Design of Occupational Disease Prevention Facilities
        ■Accident detection

        ■Consultation and training on occupational disease hazard management
        ■Evaluation and testing

        ■Occupational Health Protection Engineering

        ■Evaluation of the current situation of occupational disease hazards 

        ■Occupational health examination

Service cycle


■Regular testing: A testing report is usually issued within 15 working days after sampling is completed
■Pre evaluation, control effect evaluation, and current situation evaluation: With complete information provided, an evaluation report can usually be issued within 30-50 working days



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