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Saudi Arabian SASO New Controlled Product List



Saudi Arabian SASO New Controlled Product List

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has issued a notice stating that from May 10, 2023, new control requirements for certain products will be added. Importers are required to submit a product batch certificate SCoC application through the SABER platform, accompanied by an importer declaration approved by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, and promise to comply with this declaration, Otherwise, the certificate cannot be obtained on the SABER platform.

The new product range that needs to comply with the new regulations is as follows:

Item HS Codes
Ceramic Tiles 69072300
Other paints and varnishes 32089090
Carpets and rugs 57024210


The required importer declaration must be issued in Arabic, and the sample reference is as follows:


Other controlled products that have been issued with requirements to comply with this regulation, please refer to the following:

Item HS Codes
Napkin Rolls

480300100005, 480300100004, 

480300100003, 480300100001, 

480300900001, 480300100006

Manhole Covers

732599100001, 732690300002,

732690300001, 732599109999, 

732599100001, 732510109999,

732510100002, 732510100001

Polyester fiber 5509529000, 5503200000
Shading net 730890900002




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