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The New Version of EN 60669-2-1 has Landed! Fixed Electronic Switch Controller is Under Strict Control in Europe!



The new version of EN 60669-2-1 has landed! Fixed electronic switch controller is under strict control in Europe!

With the start of IEC 60669-2-1:2021, Europe also followed up with the requirements to enable the European standard based on this version, and the fixed electronic switch controller was subject to strict technical control in Europe. This standard release also released EU specific requirements, adding A11. The latest EU standard is updated to EN IEC 60669-2-1:2022/A11:2022. Compared with the previous EU version EN 60669-2-1:2004/A12:2010, it finally meets the latest requirements of intelligent products, and is more in line with product technical requirements. Compared with previous versions, the major changes are as follows:


Change I
For the development of wire protocol and lamp products, DC DC power supply is introduced, and 120V DC voltage is formally introduced into the scope of application of IEC 60669-2-1.


Change II
This standard will cover EN 60669-2-5, and the requirements of corresponding clauses will also be transferred to this standard. Therefore, the requirements for HBES of buildings will be included. If the manufacturer declares that it is used in this environment, the corresponding clauses of the standard also need to be considered.


Change III
Based on 60669-5-1 HBES (Home and Building Electronic Systems), this standard introduces BACS (Building Automation System), which makes intelligent systems better considered.


Change IV
The standard redefines the requirements for electric shock prevention. For the use of high-voltage 25V AC and 60V DC dry environment, 12V AC and 30V DC dry environment, the IP grade is stricter.


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