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Hong Kong Market Access and Conformity Assessment Requirements - Air Conditioning



Access requirements and energy efficiency test of air conditioners in Hong Kong

Introduction to Access Requirements and Energy Efficiency Testing of Air Conditioners in Hong Kong

For the announced products and non announced products, the applicant can apply for and obtain the certificate of compliance with safety specifications through the certification and testing institution recognized by the Hong Kong government.

Certification materials include: test report, test certificate or written certificate issued.

The published products and non published products are within the scope of IECEE-CB system, and the test standards used are basically the same as those of IEC standards; CB test certificate can be directly used as "certificate of compliance with safety specifications".


Hong Kong Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MEELS)

 Executing Agency: Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)

The use of more energy efficient appliances can save a lot of energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from power plants. For air conditioning products, the Hong Kong government requires prescribed products supplied in Hong Kong to be labeled with energy labels to let consumers know the energy efficiency performance of relevant products. The energy efficiency of air conditioners shall be tested according to the requirements of air conditioners in the Code of Practice on Energy Labelling of Products 2020.

 See Table 1 and Table 2 for specific requirements for energy efficiency grade of air conditioners in Hong Kong

Table 1 Refrigeration Performance

Derivation of energy efficiency grades

Cooling Seasonal

 Performance Factor(CSPF), FCSP

Energy Efficiency Grade

Categories 1 - 4

4.50≤ FCSP


3.50 ≤ FCSP < 4.50


3.15 ≤ FCSP < 3.50


2.80 ≤ FCSP < 3.15


FCSP < 2.80



Table 2 Heating Performance

Derivation of energy efficiency grades

Heating Seasonal 

Performance Factor


Energy Efficiency Grade

Categories 2,4

3.60≤ FHSP


3.10 ≤ FHSP < 3.60


2.80 ≤ FHSP < 3.10


2.50 ≤ FHSP < 2.80


FHSP < 2.50



Information required for air conditioner Hong Kong to apply for safety and EMF energy efficiency labels

● Energy efficiency: energy efficiency test report

● Safety: safety test report (CB report, or commission report using IEC safety standards for test standards)

● EMF: EMF test report


Introduction to Hong Kong's application process for safety and EMF energy efficiency labels

The first step is to fill in the application form and other relevant application documents;

The second step is to evaluate the documents and determine the feasible implementation plan and applicable standards under the plan;

Step 3: send samples, issue safety test report, EMF report and energy efficiency test report;
The fourth step is to submit product information, including the test report of product model, to the

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and assign a reference number before it can be sold in Hong Kong.


Energy efficiency label style

① Energy efficiency level. Level 1 has the highest energy efficiency (green), while Level 5 has the lowest (red)
② Annual power consumption
③ Maximum cooling capacity (kW)


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