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Jiayu Testing provides overall quality solutions for the supply chain for consumer goods-related enterprises, and provides comprehensive technical support such as chemical performance testing, consulting, and certification for various consumer goods (such as: electrical and electronic, food contact materials, toys and children's products, textiles, etc.).
The chemical laboratory has a wide range of qualifications and capabilities, and has obtained a number of important industry qualifications such as CMA and CNAS, and can provide testing of harmful substances such as electrical and electronic, children's toys, textiles, leather, footwear, bags, clothes, etc., including but not limited to ROHS , REACH (SVHC), FCMs for food contact materials (US FDA, German LFGB, Chinese food inspection, French food inspection, EU food inspection, Italian food inspection), California 65, PAHs, phthalates, halogens, bisphenols A. EN71-3, material analysis (non-metallic material analysis, metal material analysis, metal grade identification, metallographic structure), anti-UV, salt spray test and other testing items, with rich project technical experience and qualification capabilities.


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