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CPSC Proposed Safety Regulations for Button or Coin Batteries



CPSC Proposed Safety Regulations for Button or Coin Batteries

On February 9, 2023, according to the requirements of Reese's Law, Public Law 117-171, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued the safety standard regulations for button batteries or coin batteries and consumer products containing such batteries (hereinafter referred to as button battery products) (16 CFR 1263), The regulation aims to eliminate or reduce the risk of death or injury related to the ingestion or nose insertion of button batteries or coin batteries by children aged six and under. If there is no accident, it will come into force 180 days after the announcement.

The proposed safety regulations are to establish the performance requirements for the battery compartment on consumer products, and attach warning labels on the packaging of button battery products, the battery compartment and the accompanying instructions or manuals. In addition, the regulations also require manufacturers and importers of button battery products to inform consumers of the performance and technical data related to the safety of such batteries when selling them online and offline. If the proposed safety regulations come into force, the consumer goods subject to the restrictions must be tested and certified to comply with the safety regulations.


01. Scope of application of the proposed safety regulations

A consumer product that contains or is designed to use one or more button batteries or coin batteries, regardless of whether these batteries are expected to be replaced by consumers, included in the product, or sold separately.
The proposed safety regulations do not apply to the following products:
1. Toy products covered by regulation 16 CFR 1250 (toy ASTM F963 safety standard).
2. Zinc-air button battery or coin battery determined by the Committee that there is no risk of ingestion.


02. Requirements of safety regulations

Performance requirement 

1. Requirements for removable battery products, button batteries or coin batteries:
a) Button battery or coin battery shall not be touched;
b) The battery compartment is untouchable after pretreatment test and abuse test;
c) The battery compartment shell must be fixed so that it requires tools or at least two independent and simultaneous hand movements to open the battery compartment.

2. Requirements for non-removable battery, button battery or coin battery:
a) Use the battery compartment that meets the performance requirements a) and b) of the battery detachable product to make the battery untouchable, or
b) The battery fixed by welding, rivet and other fixing methods or equivalent methods is still untouchable after pretreatment test and abuse test.


Warning label requirements

1. Format requirements:
a) All warnings must be clearly visible, eye-catching, legible and permanently marked.
b) The color of warning labels must contrast with the background on which they are printed.
c) The warning must be in English.
d) The safety warning symbol, namely the equilateral triangle containing the exclamation mark, must precede the signal word when used with the signal word "WARNING" (hereinafter referred to as the signal word). The bottom of the safety warning symbol must be on the same horizontal line as the bottom of the letter of the signal word. The height of the safety warning symbol must be equal to or higher than the height of the signal word letter.
e) Signal words must be black letters on an orange background. Signal words must be displayed in bold letters and can only be capitalized.
f) Some text in the information panel must be displayed in bold and capital letters, as shown in the example of the warning label, to attract the attention of the reader.
g) For labels provided on stickers, tags, instructions or manuals, the height of safety warning symbols and signal words shall be at least 0.2 inches (5mm). The rest of the text must be in capital letters and must be at least 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) in size, unless otherwise specified.
h) For the label required to be printed on the button battery and coin battery or the package containing such products, as well as the label directly printed on the consumer products, the text size must depend on the area of the package or the front of the product. Text size is 16 CFR 1500 19 (d) (7) shall prevail.


2. The content requirements are divided into five parts. This article only extracts some important warnings (see Part V of the original text for details):
a) The warning required on the package of button battery or coin battery is shown in the following figure:



b) The warning message on the packaging of consumer products containing button batteries or coin batteries is shown in the following figure:

c) The warning requirements on consumer products containing button batteries or coin batteries are shown in the following figure:

If there is not enough space on the product to put down the warning message above, the following figure should be used as the replacement warning message:


03. Impact of the proposed safety regulations on the market

The proposed safety regulations control button battery products (except toys), covering a wide range of product types. At present, the proposed safety regulations have not published the test methods (see Part IV of the original text for specific performance evaluation requirements), but listed four standards that will be used for reference to develop new safety test requirements, namely UL 4200A, UL Safety Standard for Products Containing Lithium Battery Buttons or Coin Batteries, ASTM F963, Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety Standards IEC 62368-1 Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment Part 1: Safety Requirements and IEC 62115 Electric Toys: Safety. Before the official method of CPSC is published, it is recommended to conduct self-inspection in combination with the above four standards and make a good job of the requirements of the safety regulations for button battery products that will come into effect.


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