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Japan strengthens regulation of chemical substances



Japan strengthens regulation of chemical substances

On November 8, 2023, the Ministry of Health, Labor, Economy, Industry, and Environment jointly issued a public opinion solicitation result on the relevant decree (draft) of the Law on Amending Part of the Chemical Substance Examination and Manufacturing Management Law. Starting from September 15th, this solicitation has attracted widespread social attention, and valuable opinions have been actively put forward by all sectors. The three departments have also responded to this.



Main content:

1. Clarify the scope of prohibited imports: It is necessary to clearly stipulate that the surface treatment agents and modulation additives under Table 11 of Article 7 of the relevant government orders of the Law on the Revision of Part of the Content of the Chemical Substance Review and Manufacturing Management are prohibited products to ensure the accuracy of regulatory implementation.

2. Product specification: For products that use PFHxS or its isomers or salts and may cause environmental pollution, such as some fire equipment, they should be designated as products that comply with technical standards and labeling obligations. This move aims to prevent environmental pollution and ensure the sustainability of product production and use.

3. Strengthen regulatory standards: By collecting foreign cases and standardizing according to the strictest standards, to more comprehensively regulate related chemical substances. The relevant departments have stated that they will make efforts to collect information in order to better formulate appropriate regulations.

4. Dispute over Execution Date: The Ministry of Health, Labor, Economy, Industry, and Environment stated that although there is a possibility of an earlier effective date, it will be implemented after the originally planned spring of 2024 to prevent potential issues in the supply chain and other aspects.


Future direction: The public opinion collection results of the decree have been widely valued, and relevant departments promise to fully consider suggestions from all parties and actively promote revision work to ensure the scientificity, rationality, and feasibility of the regulations. At the same time, they emphasized that they will continue to cooperate with the international community and work together to achieve effective regulation of chemical substances.


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